Stone Massage Hue - Vietnamese massage

Full Vietnamese Herbs Package

Duration : 1 hr 45 min


Traditional Vietnamese herbs, hot stones and VIP massage – great choice for those who want to experience healing and relaxing effects in this full package.

Complete VIP Massage Package 105 minutes

Foot bath         10 mins

Foot massage        30 mins

Body massage – Laying down and sitting up
40 mins

Hot stone shoulder and arm massage
10 mins

Price does not include tips

Most popular tip   100.000 ₫


Experience our signature massages FULL VIP PACKAGE inspired by ancient rituals to relax and revitalize the body, this therapy combines traditional Vietnamese herbs with massage to open energy channels in the body.

Steps Followed :

Foot bath

Stone Massage Hue

Foot soaked in hot water with salt, lemongrass, lemon and lemon essential oil

Foot massage

Stone Massage Hue

Enjoy the foot massage skills of our skilled staff that will give a sense of relaxation in your feet

Full body massage

Stone Massage Hue

Laying down and sitting up on the bed – 40 minutes – our staff will massage shoulders, arms, legs and use warm Vietnamese herbs. You will then be massaged on shoulders, legs, arms and feet

Hot stone massage

Stone Massage Hue

Using a hot stone our skilled staff will massage your arms and shoulders, then apply a warm towel back rub

Indulge yourself with essential oil massage

Traditional Vietnamese massage is a therapeutic method with massage, pat, squeeze, pinch movements. It helps the contractile muscles stretch and soften, and acts on the acupuncture points to stimulate blood circulation.

The advantages of this approach are: improving blood circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells; stimulate the vascular system to help carry waste products out of the body; prevent and soothe muscle contractions and spasms; supportive treatment of arthritis, muscle fatigue.

Stone Massage Hue

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Stone Massage Hue

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