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Foot Massage

Duration : 1 hr


Experience VIP foot massage at our Stone Massage Parlor with highly – professional trained staff – steam bath and sauna will are FREE in this foot massage option.

60 minute VIP Foot Massage

Foot bath         10 mins

Foot massage        30 mins

Hot stone feet rub         10 mins

Massage + Body rub          10 mins

Price does not include tips

Most popular tip   100.000 ₫


Experience VIP foot massage at our Stone Massage Parlor with highly – professional trained staff – steam bath and sauna will are FREE in this foot massage option.

Steps Followed :

Foot Bath

Stone Massage Hue

Soak your feet in the hot water with salt, lemongrass, lime and essential lime oil

Foot Massage

Stone Massage Hue

Enjoy our skilled staff foot massage skills that will bring you a feeling of relaxation to your feet/legs

Hot Stone Feet Rub

Stone Massage Hue

Hot stone rub on your feet/legs

Massage + Body rub

Stone Massage Hue

Shoulder and arm massage followed with body warm towels rub

Health benefits of Foot Massage:

Every day, we often pay much more attention to our face, arms, and stomach, but we rarely pay attention to the feet unless there are symptoms such as cold feet, aches…

The role of the feet is very important, so it is necessary to pay attention to it trough foot massage, foot bath treatments…

Foot massage is a manual technique performed by hand, impacting the soft tissue of the feet to relieve pain, discomfort, and to provide overall health care. In fact, foot massage is one of the ways to manage and deal with severe pain.

Feet play an important role in reflecting the health of each person.

Feet provide a variety of data that reflect ones health. The feet are a gathering place for blood vessels, muscles, myriad of nerves, and acupressure points related to various organs in the body. The acupuncture points on the feet are closely related to the internal organs. So foot massage is not only good for the beauty and health of the feet but also for your health in general.

The process of rubbing, pressing the soles of the feet to directly stimulate the acupuncture points of the body will bring you a sense of nerve and physical relaxation, pain relief, and anti-spasm. With the foot massage method, many symptoms such as headache, nervous breakdown, depression, anxiety and pain can be treated. Foot massage promotes blood circulation, improves nutrient metabolism, fights cells that cause sinusitis, makes muscles, bones, joints soft, supple, increases body and feet endurance. The pressing of the acupressure points in the feet also works to open the plexus, enhance resistance and fight diseases, and increase longevity.

Foot massage therapy does not only pamper your tired feet but also brings a lot of relaxation. The tension in the ankle or foot will be immediately relieved by massage. This is considered the most effective and safest way to relieve stress.

We easily see the practical benefits of foot massage:

  • Restore strength and develop muscle flexibility
  • Improved blood circulation, bringing many effects to other organs through stimulation. For example: Massage makes skin more beautiful…
  • Energizing, bringing dynamism, helping the body to function all day without stress
  • Relieves headaches and aches in ears, chest and eyes

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