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Full Vietnamese Herbs Package

Full Vietnamese Herbs Package

  • Gói Massage Toàn VIP 105 phút


Essential Oil Massage

Essential Oil Massage

  • 60 phút Massage Massage Tinh dầu


Thailand Massage

Thailand Massage

  • 60 phút trải nghiệm massage toàn thân kiểu Thái


Healthy body, mind, and soul

Stone Massage Hue

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Improve your life, reduce your stress

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Are you tired of your work or your current life? You are in need of a space to relax your mind and body? And it is important that you have comfort, that your health is restored and all your worries gone.

Stone Massage Hue is always the right choice!

Natural approach to pain relief

  • Massage effectively releases tension from your mind and body. The effects of 60 or 90 minute body massage relaxes the body completely. Hence many people fall asleep easily – powerful soothing effect.
  • Release muscle tension: The muscles tend to get tightened for a variety of reasons. That creates pain spots in your body. Over a period of time, these spots indirectly cause pain to the surrounding muscles. The benefits of body massage is in releasing tension around trigger points, or the pain points that end up relaxing the surrounding muscles too.
  • Improves blood circulation: Increases blood circulation, allowing damaged tissues and cells to repair and recover faster.
  • Improves general health to help alleviate common disorders. Such as indigestion, depression, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, infertility, and back pain.

Stone Massage Hue

Massage Options

Feel better, naturally

Brighten your skin

Massage helps to brighten your skin: With the increase in blood circulation in the muscles, the skin will light up, giving off a radiant and healthy glow.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Reduce anxiety caused by work and family pressure. Reduce stress, headaches and migraines.

Improved posture

Some connective tissue can become too stiff and tight, leading to poor body condition. The benefits of body massage can help soften the body’s connective tissues.

Increases flexibility

It loosens and relaxes tightened muscles by breaking adhesions that form on tendons and ligaments around joints.

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