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Thailand Massage

Duration : 1 hr


Through Thai-style reflexology massage (Thai massage), we can eliminate fatigue, restore energy, improve body circulation, and enhance the body’s resistance.

60 minute Thai Full Body Massage

Thai Body Massage – laying down
20 mins

Thai Body Massage – sitting up
10 mins

Arm massage          10 mins

Head massage          10 mins

VIP room option   210.000 ₫

Price does not include tips

Most popular tip   100.000 ₫


Through Thai-style reflexology massage (Thai massage), we can eliminate fatigue, restore energy, improve body circulation, and enhance the body’s resistance.

Steps Followed :

Full Body Massage (laying down)

Stone Massage Hue

Taken 20 minutes laying down on the bed – our staff will perform full body massage – back, legs, continued with shoulders, arms, legs

Full Body Massage (sitting up)

Stone Massage Hue

20 minutes – sitting up – full body massage – arms, legs and with massage of the shoulders, arms, legs

Full Arm Massage

Stone Massage Hue

Complete massage of your arms

Head Massage + Back Rub

Stone Massage Hue

Head massage with warm towel rub of the back afterwards

Health benefits of Thai Massage:

Thai massage has health protection effect

Through Thai-style reflexology massage (Thai massage), we can eliminate fatigue, restore energy, improve body circulation, and enhance the body’s resistance. Regularly massage, make the blood vessels dilate, enhance ventilation, reduce resistance, open up blood circulation, thereby reduce the burden on the heart, making the heart beat with strength, breathing more deep, blood pressure stable, maintain muscle elasticity and prevent muscle atrophy; can speed up the fluidity of the lymphatic fluid, as well as promote lymphatic formation and circulation, promote absorption in hydrostatic (trophic edema), thereby improving resistance, achieving preventive effects.

Through Thai-style reflexology massage (Thai massage), we can eliminate fatigue, quickly recover your energy, and maintain overall well-being.

Thai massage has a beauty effect

We all know, that massage can, reduce fat accumulation in the body, improve the elasticity of the muscles, and make the skin soft and shiny. Thai massage cause capillaries under the skin to expand, causing sweat glands to increase secretion, so it is possible to eliminate color deposits on the face, and eliminate acne. Dry, wrinkled, acne-prone skin is mostly related to excretion. Through massage techniques, Thai massage can directly stimulate the subcutaneous nerve, through the nerve reflex arc, to transmit signals to the brain and regulate the secretion of the sweat glands, as well as promote the ions of cells in the body to reach balance, improve circulation, thereby achieving beauty effects.

Thai massage helps strengthen physical health and prevent diseases

Long-term intellectual worker, easily form physical weakness, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, moodiness… Moreover, if you on a regular basis maintain  a working posture for a long period of times, it is easy to make the spine suffer – which leads to spine deformation, spine soft tissue and muscles injuries, leading to additional stress and whole body fatigue… All these conditions, through Thai massage, can be improved! Thai massage stimulates the body’s nerves and muscles which give information to the brain, that then transmit information back to a certain parts of the body, regulating euphoria or thymus and maintain a state of symmetrical equilibrium of the two sides, which restores normal physiological functions of the body. Through massage, muscles loosen, body is relaxed, spirit is active.

On the other hand, through massage techniques of reflexology massage can save energy consumption of the heart, improve the function of heart blood vessels (coronary arteries), improve blood circulation, reduce cholesterol deposition on the walls; reduce blood viscosity, thereby improving the body’s resistance to disease, and at the same time having certain therapeutic effects on diabetes.

Thai massage helps to lubricate joints, remove adhesion

The unique techniques of Thai massage, in perfect coordination with comprehensive movements (Asana of Yoga) have the effect on the position of muscles, tendon membranes, joints… Which leads to increased local circulation, improving the nutritional status of the body, improving joint activity, especially eliminating tendon adhesion (common disease for the elderly), and has very good preventive and treatment effects for many types of diseases.

Thai massage helps eliminate fatigue and refreshes your spirit

By applying the appropriate pressure and massage certain spots on the feet, hands, and other body parts Thai massage has regulatory effect on internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and intestines. In addition, it also helps stimulate blood circulation, increases the amount of blood to constrict coronary arteries, promotes intestinal motility, effectively regulating internal functions. Besides that, the proper stimulation helps to limit the pain of local organs. In general, the effect of acupressure massage on muscles and internal organs is to adjust the balance of yin and yang, tendon relaxation, blood activity and to reduce pain.

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